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Pennington Storm Day for Surfers

Plenair painting at Pennington Beach on a stormy day. Always interesting in the wind. I love how the surfers take on the waves and the rocks. I always worry about the great white sharks which feed around the island.

Pennington Bay after the fires.

This is a large oil painting of the surfers frolicking in the waves. While the fires did not get this close, everyone was on edge as the island ravaged by fierce fires.

American River, KI. The harbour out to the ocean. Beautiful

American River is one of the most beautiful inlets, abundant with King George Whiting and Sand Crabs. On the far side is Island Beach, gorgeous and breeding grounds for many beach laying birds.


One of my favourite birds, these little guys are endangered beach laying birds and have a tough time surviving. Acrylic on canvas

IMG_6909 (2)

One of my favourite dogs, tragically died to early. Coloured pencil on paper. Love doing Dog Commissions.

Chillie Dog

Kerry Lesters dog, now living with another artist.

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